Luca Chiodini


About me

Hi! I'm a PhD student at USI (Lugano, 🇨🇭), where I work at the LuCE research group under the supervision of Matthias Hauswirth. I also spent a semester abroad at Aalto University (🇫🇮) under the supervision of Juha Sorva. My interests in Computer Science are broad, but my heart lies in teaching. This curriculum describes my path, in case you are interested.


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I have been working on improving programming education from several angles. I investigated misconceptions about programming languages, the role of expressions while learning Java, and methodological issues with ad hoc instruments for computing education research. My current main project is PyTamaro, an approach to teach programming using the domain of graphics in a rigorous and engaging way. I created an open-source Python library and a web platform which hosts hundreds of activities and dozens of curricula currently used by teachers at multiple educational levels.


Current and past activities

Technical blog posts


Over the years I've created and shared a number of resources (some of them in Italian), which can be browsed at This is a list of the most valuable ones: